Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shadow Reviews Bloodlines-Richelle Mead

421 Pages

Summarized: A journey of angst ridden proportions. Sydney is proving herself to everyone, that she is not such a flake & unprofessional alchemist. Adrian is harboring a secret, his spirit is causing lots of problems too. The vampires & alchemists find themselves in Palm Springs & back to school.

If you are a fan of The Vampire Academy books you will like this. I found it to be slow at times, but Richelle was building a new world, so I understood that. This is a really great book for Adrian fans, I believe that was the entire point. He was scorned in the past, and this was his redemption. I found it to be very reminiscent of The Vampire Academy series, the school setting, a few of the scenarios with the teenagers, but still a lot of new additions. I really liked the chemistry that slowly built between Sydney and Adrian, it looks to be the blossoming of something to rival Rose and Dimitri but we shall see. The mystery element of the plot was enough to hold my interest when the sextimes lacked. You really do not notice the lack of steam unless that is your only reason for reading o_0 ... I really just enjoyed it, and all that it had to offer me.

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